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AhaltsPay cloud-based time and attendance system manages schedules, hours worked and time off provides an easy and smart solution for payroll accuracy and compliance
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Our cloud based. AHALTS time and attendance system is fully integrated with HRSERP for Activity scheduling and monitoring . AI Audited time records directly flow into AHALTSPAY for  payroll solution,  Managing schedules, hours worked and time off is critical for payroll accuracy and compliance. Time & Attendance solutions from Ahalts Clocks with face id makes it easier, it saves your time and prevent errors while single sign-on connects employees with the information they need across devices, locations, and services

What you get?

Multidimensional org charts

This allows internal and external users to be authenticated whereby Employees, contractual employees, visitors , customers can all be authenticated on same place for different schedules.

Advanced Face Recognition

Touch less Face id  for secured Time and attendance, activity management.

Integration with Payroll & HRSERP

For workforce Management and cognitive scheduling.

Location Tracking

This is for mobile workforce or field workers and vehicles.

Time Tracking

This is done with our Mobile App or IOT terminals integrated with access controls.

Most advanced ID-Tech

For security and human identification using most accurate Face recognition and Biometric algorithms.

In Built KYC

Using government social identification or TipTop KYC services

Real Time Updates

View your team’s activity — whether active employees are working or on break — in real time so you can quickly assess operational needs.

Flexible Punch In Options

Your employees may be working onsite, remotely, or a combination of the two. That’s why we offer flexible employee time-recording options: 

  • Tablet kiosk app with optional facial verification 
  • Mobile app 
  • Web punch 
  • InVision® Iris Time Clock

Online Support

Our mobile technology and service solutions support remote and on-site workers with access to the tools you need to: 

  • Automate time and attendance and help ensure employees are paid accurately 
  • Streamline scheduling requests and simplify administrative tasks 
  • Navigate changing workplace dynamics to help keep operations running efficiently.

Online Employee Self Service (ESS).

Employee self-service capabilities within Paychex Flex give workers the ability to: 

  • View and approve time cards 
  • View work schedules and time-off balances 
  • Request time off and submit pay adjustments.

Manager’s Dashboard

A tool used to present all important management KPIs in a single place, share insights with c-level executives in an efficient way, and empower the management to make fast and data-driven decisions based on the latest information.

Access Time and Attendance from Anywhere

Mobile Access

Employees can Mark their Check In and Check out Attendance from Mobile Application.

Facial Verification

Hardcore Attendance Punching is out dated, facial recognition provides employee identification with every punch

Geofencing Technology

Set up a virtual perimeter around designated areas where employees are permitted to record their punches.

Geolocation Protection

Confirm the location of every punch recorded by mobile employees. Simply click the pin icon to display the location where the punch was recorded.


What is Time and Attendance?

Time and attendance systems are a method for employers to track and monitor their employees’ work hours. Manual or paper-based time tracking methods commonly include time cards, while automated time-collection options include tracking via badge, biometrics (iris, fingerscan), mobile, or web entry. Whether you’re an administrator, manager, or employee, Paychex has the time tracking solutions you need.

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