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AHALTS Multi Platform and Multi tenant  apps are the most advanced and feature packed APK In the market today.

The APK has integration with other Ahalts FZCo Cloud solutions and in combination with Ahalts FZCo applications is a nearly complete HR and services management solution.

The APK Offers Following Modules

Authentication of Humans and Assets with their Location, Time For  Services  

Human Identification

Human Identification tools through devices like
  • Biometric
  • Face Recognition
  • Retina Scan
  • Voice recognition
  • physical verification etc.
Further these authentication processes are validated on our Cloud Authentication API making it most safe and secure solution on the market today .
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Location Validation

Location Aware Services-The location aware services that can be used to acquire a user’s location. These services have multiple purposes
On one hand, they provide an easy solution for monitoring the user’s real-time location using the service. On the other hand, service developers can use these services to create third-party location-based services based on the framework.
The location aware services in the framework can be used for tracking a user’s position in the environment that has multiple positioning devices. They also work when the technological circumstances of the positioning change, e.g. switching from GPS to Wi-Fi/tags/QR code.
A user’s position is tracked by various positioning technologies such as Wi-Fi access points, GPS, cell phone (GSM or 3G), WI-Fi/Bluetooth/NFC tags as well as QR code.
The location-data is forwarded to the framework with the help of mobile that makes the positioning technology transparent for the upper level systems.
The GPS coordinates will be taken into consideration in the outdoor scenario. When the user moves in the indoor where GPS related black spots exists (i.e. GPS is not available), the position can be still determined using mobile phone with the help of Wi-Fi access points, QR codes or RFID/NFC positioning devices.
Neither the user nor the developer has to worry about the positioning technologies and devices as the location aware services in the framework will masks them from the application.
Time Clock

To use these validations for further validation with time dimensions using server clock, action time, roaster time etc.

  • Access Control with IOT Integration.
  • Rules and Roles Authorization Services
  • SERP integration Services like Task and Activity controlled by AHALTS
  • Notification services
  • Communication services
The app is integrated into Ahalts FZCo HRMS cloud application for complete HR  solutions for Time ,attendance , access control , HRIS, HRMS, HUMS and Tax and Payroll
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