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Touch Screen Kiosks
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ALL in One Touch screen Kiosk TTPFR21.5 is a revolutionary equipment that has a Display board, face recognition terminal, Health and hygiene station that can check mask, temperature and has a sanitizer , it also has integration with attendance and access control device. The device also operates as a interactive touch screen kiosk where you can use multiple android applications and web applications enabling it to function as a all in one machine as a workplace and self service portal for employees and customers.

This revolutionary device is a product of years of research of Tip Top R&D teams. It is first of its kind equipment that can be widely applied in multiple scenarios, such as enterprises, Hospitals, Airports, Railway stations, Information centres , Restau- rants, Hotels, Malls , shops , dwellings, factories, schools, campus and so on. TTPFR21.5 The panel works as a revenue generation machine displaying advertisement and promotions when idle.

AHALTS Touchless all in one solution for hotel industry.

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