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Ahalts (IAM : Identity and Access Management)

Business Application Development Platform As A Service ( PAAS )

Ahalts is platform build to help developers build Adaptable Business applications reducing the Risk of application failure in most complex Business Designs and Models.
The Decoupled architecture consisting of core business IT requirements are already pre built in the platform reducing the coding of new applications by 90% as the platform provides a running shell application with pre integrated Pipelines and business logic engines that have been uniquely designed as a plug and play model where in the pipelines provide the socket and the business engines can be plugged into these sockets to start using the prebuilt application from our product bundle or one can build Custom Application with minimalist code using Integration of IT framework with all the API required for general Business and IT unification services .


The platform provides a ready Application development framework that can be used for adding custom business requirement that is a non disruptive services development solution for business and developers .

Features of Platform

The platform provides a ready Application development framework that can be used for adding custom business requirement that is a non disruptive services development solution for business and developers .

  • Data service Bus
  • Application Service Bus
  • API Service Bus
  • Identity and Authorization Service Bus
  • Organization & User service Bus

Data service Bus

Ahalts provides a complete Data Routing and Management pipeline to tenant organization level and the data can be placed on cloud or on premise the application based on tenant required routes the users to their data automatically.


API Service Bus

Ahalts is a Plug and Play framework that gives an API engine with plug and play features to create a Centralized software development and third party software integration Platform. This platform Bridges all IT components of business to communicate, act and react to any changes in each other.


Identity and Authorization Service Bus

With Ahalts’s Single Sign On(SSO), users only have to enter one set of login credentials to access their web apps via- desktops, smartphones and tablets. This greatly increases productivity while keeping data secure. Not only does SSO improve security by eliminating the use of easy-to-remember passwords but also simplifies external user access.



Our Identity Management identifies, authenticates and authorizes individuals or group of individuals on an application, or comprehensive IT environment. Typically, Identity Management consists of various phases including the user authentication, level of authorization and the type of roles a user may have. It also deals with the level of access a user has on a particular system. Identity Management with SSO creates Virtual Identity in place of user identity.



The platform provides applications Right pipeline connections through which new logic's and code can be developed and extended through API to other users Also there is a wide library of ready Business logic engines that can be immediately consumed by the applications reducing the repetition of unnecessary code reducing the time to develop custom applications.

Organization & User service Bus:

The Organization and user service bus provides the heart of any business application as it decouples the organization chart into different regions and identities:

  • Tenant identity
  • Company Identity
  • Region Identity
  • Designation Identity
  • User identity
  • Virtual User identity ( for simulating the entire business model )
  • This gives a solid foundation to the applications that are built on the platform to have a common cohesive uniform standardized organization architecture where most of the ERP and business applications have drawbacks we have our patents filed on most of these unique technologies introduced by us.

  • Tenant Admin ( Business User ) : All the licensing and organization and user controls are done from this

Currently Ahalts services are available for all Ahalts Licensed products only

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