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Revolutionizing the Future: Harnessing AI and Microservices for Unprecedented Innovation and Scalability

Empowering Your Workforce: Transformative HRMS Solutions for Modern Businesses

HR-SERP Flexible 5th generation Cloud & Mobile technology HR solution designed to simplify tasks for HR teams, administrators, and employees.

Unlock Potential: Streamline Training and Development with a Cutting-Edge Learning Management System

Total Workforce Management: Integrating People, Processes, and Technology for Success

Streamlined Efficiency: Integrate DMS, Mailing, and Kanban for Optimal Workflow Management


Key Features

AI & Microservice Platform
  • SSO
  • MFA
  • PAM
  • APIAccess
  • Life Cycle Management
  • Facial Recognition
HR Management System
  • Onboarding
  • Offboarding
  • Payroll & Expense
  • Attendance Management
  • Leave Management
  • Cognitive Shifts
  • Reports and Dashboards
Action & Business Management
  • Strategic planning
  • Goal settings
  • Dynamic role management
  • Real-time notification & reminder
  • Project Management
  • Performance Management
Learning & Knowledge Management
  • AI - Sarthi
  • My Guide
  • Interactive Learning Modules
  • Certifications Reporting & Analytics
  • Seamless User Experience
Total Workforce Management
  • Effortless Onboarding
  • Time & Task Management
  • Task & Activity Management
  • Project Monitoring
  • TipTop Mobile App

Services & solutions
  • Virtual HR Services
  • Outsourcing Time & Attendance
  • TipTop Email
  • TipTop Drive
  • TipTop Manager

AI & Microservice Platform

"Secure, Efficient Access to Empower Your Business“
  • Unified Identity and Application Management for streamlined user access.
  • Advanced Authentication using AI, face recognition, biometrics, and NFC to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Hierarchical and Privilege Access Controls to protect sensitive data.
  • IoT Device Management and Single Sign-On for seamless user experience.
  • API Management Platform with AHALTS integration to expand your business.
  • Compliance Monitoring and Security Enhancements to meet regulatory needs. 5th Generation Biometric Terminals for precise identity verification.
  • Smart Office Automation using Thermal Cameras and Intelligent Kiosks.

HR Management

"Optimize Employee Lifecycle from Hire to Retire.“
  • One-click Employee Onboarding/Offboarding to simplify transitions.
  • HR Compliance and Document Management to keep records in check.
  • Advanced Time and Attendance Systems with Facial Recognition for accuracy.
  • Chat & Notification Systems for better employee communication.
  • AI Cognitive Shift and Exit Management to handle workforce changes.
  • Travel and Expense Management for seamless reimbursement.
  • Comprehensive Leave and Performance Management to support growth.
  • Complete Payroll Systems to streamline salary distribution.

Action & Business Management

"Boost Productivity and Efficiency Across All Operations.“
  • HRS-ERP for streamlined enterprise resource management.
  • Saarthi AI BOT and Intelligent Content Management System (CMS) for enhanced automation.
  • Knowledge Management System (KMS) and Learning Management System (LMS) to maximize knowledge retention.
  • Business Model Simulation and Management for Strategic Decision-Making.
  • Operation Resource Planning to control core business activities.
  • Role and Skill Optimization to improve workforce allocation.
  • Performance and Appraisal Management for motivating staff.
  • Customizable Activity Management Solutions to meet your unique needs.

Learning & Knowledge Management

  • Geofencing and Real-Time Employee Tracking for better workforce management.
  • Comprehensive Notification System for alerts and updates. .
  • Pay Slips and Employee Benefits for transparency and satisfaction.

Total workforce Management

"Helping your teams to be at right place at right time for  Precision performance“
  • Attendance Marking and Shift Management to keep operations smooth.
  • Advanced Missed Attendance Correction for accurate records
  • User Registration and Profile Management to ensure efficient onboarding.
  • Integrated Leave Management System to balance workload.
  • Attendance and Work Assignment Reporting to analyze productivity.

Solutions (TipTopOffice)

"Innovative Solutions for Modern Workplace Collaboration.“
  • Advanced Mailing and Chat to simplify team communication.
  • Secure Document Storage and Easy Access Solutions for efficient data management. .
  • Personalized Workspace Configurations to enhance productivity.
  • Integrated Custom ERP Solutions for streamlined operations.
  • Business Activity and Performance Management Software to monitor progress.
  • Intelligent Collaboration Tools for Effective Teamwork.
  • Compliance and Security in Software Solutions for peace of mind.

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