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Cloud Time & Attendance

Cloud Time & Attendance

Tracks employee Time & Attendance and activity while gathering data to enforce work and pay rules and manage exceptions for ongoing compliance and cost control. Solutions from Ahalts Clocks with face id makes it very easy, it saves your time and prevent errors while single sign-on connects employees with the information they need across devices, locations, and services.

Payroll Management and compliance

Payroll Management and compliance Of Things

Complete Cloud based Payroll and tax compliant solution, Cognitive Time Sheets Audit Check. One click payroll processing with KYC and one click loans. Performance Linked Increment and daily manpower cost Lookups are the highlights of AHALTS Payroll.



Flexible 5th generation Cloud & Mobile technology HR solution designed to simplify tasks for HR teams, administrators, and employees. Dynamic Work Delegation, Workload Balancer, cognitive Alerts and Notification and Work Progress Tracker are the highlights of HRSERP

Facial Recognition Services

Facial Recognition

AHALTS Exact facial recognition algorithm and fast implementation ensure this is the ideal solution for corporate and governmental security needs.

I am solution

IAM solution

Ahalts FZCo Platform IAM solutions for Application, Users, Employee , Customer , Devices and Business Users with advanced 5th generation Identity and Access Management

Employee Benefits, Business Insurance and Loans

Employee Benefits, Business Insurance and Loans

To thrive, your business needs to attract and keep the best and brightest employees. Ahalts and its affiliates have got your back with standout benefits like retirement plans and group health insurance, as well as benefits administration and business insurance. Our licensed business insurance agents are ready to work with you to find coverage options for your business.

Industrial Internet Of Things

Industrial Internet
Of Things

Ahalts FZCo IOT platform provides a variety of solutions and devices with ready devices from our device store or our api can be used for third party device integration


Solution For Industries

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Financial Services

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Consumer Services

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Service Industry

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Public Services

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Ahalts FZCo Cloud Services

Ahalts FZCo Cloud services is an alternative to a local installation on your company servers. We offer care for your entire biometric system. Benefit from secure access from anywhere , anytime-with a guaranteed level of availability.

Ahalts FZCo Cloud Services can be combined with any cloud software from our reseller partners

Customized Biometric Solution

Ahalts FZCo has customized countless applications for almost all sectors, be it banking, pharma, telecom, hospitality, heavy industries or logistics.

Try and Buy

Not familiar with biometrics or not sure if your team will like it, we have lowered the entrance barrier. If your company has a new project in access control and has a potential of atleast 25 devices, get in touch with us . We will provide you with a fully operational test device to try it out for one month – for free.

If satisfied acquire it via our resellers or if not simpy return to us.

Our broad range of innovative security and control systems allows you to select the solution that best meets your needs.


About Us

Ahalts FZCo is a technology company that provide services and solutions that helps businesses to reinvent and transform to build Strategic Enterprises.
We work in the field of IAM (Identity and Access Management), Facial Recognition, IIOT and have created some very innovative AI powered solutions for enterprises. Our unified platform frees you from the clutter of multiple tools and applications to manage workforce Multi device, Multi location and Multi organizations, multi tenant API platform with Mobile APK, SDK and Application BUS.

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