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Revolutionize Your Organization's Time Management: Harness the Power of AI-Assisted Activity and Roster Scheduling

Maximize Every Moment with AHALTS Smart Solutions—Because Time, the Most Perishable Resource, Waits for No One.
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Empowering Organizational Efficiency with 5th Genaration AHALTS Time solution
As a leading cloud-based software solution provider and AI powered Time Devices and Mobile App, we understand that effective time management is crucial to achieving organizational goals within budgeted timeframes. Our advanced scheduling tools and AI-backed systems ensure every activity aligns perfectly with your strategic objectives.

Key Features of Our Time Management System

Flexible and Fixed Scheduling: Manage time with agility. Our system adapts to both variable activities that can be scheduled at your convenience, and fixed-timed tasks like standard operational hours that are non-negotiable.
Smart Matching: Automatically allocate tasks to the most suitable employees based on their skills and the job requirements.

Real-Time Monitoring: Utilize Gantt charts and timesheets to track progress and ensure timely completion of tasks.
Regulatory Adherence: Our system is designed to keep you in compliance with labor laws and organizational policies by managing contracted hours effectively.
Mobile Integration: Stay updated on the go with our mobile app. Real-time updates and location services ensure that travel time is efficiently integrated into schedules, enhancing punctuality and productivity.
Versatile Work Cultures: Adapt seamlessly to varied workloads, remote work settings, and outsourced services. Our system supports a modern collaborative and flexible work environment.

Access Time and Attendance from Anywhere

Mobile Access

Employees can Mark their Check In and Check out Attendance from Mobile Application.

Facial Verification

Hardcore Attendance Punching is out dated, facial recognition provides employee identification with every punch

Geofencing Technology

Set up a virtual perimeter around designated areas where employees are permitted to record their punches.

Geolocation Protection

Confirm the location of every punch recorded by mobile employees. Simply click the pin icon to display the location where the punch was recorded.


What is Time and Attendance?

Time and attendance systems are a method for employers to track and monitor their employees’ work hours. Manual or paper-based time tracking methods commonly include time cards, while automated time-collection options include tracking via badge, biometrics (iris, fingerscan), mobile, or web entry. Whether you’re an administrator, manager, or employee, Paychex has the time tracking solutions you need.

Can Ahalts Time and Attendance software help us manage Overtime?
Can employees use their mobile phones for time tracking?

Streamline Your Operations

Embrace the future of work with our 5th generation time machines and HRSERP. Leverage our technology to plan, execute, and monitor your organizational activities with precision, ensuring every second counts towards your success.

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