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Elevate Workforce Efficiency with Precision Location Tracking
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Achieve Precision Time and Activity Management with Our GPS & NFC-Based Solutions

In a world where every second counts, our GPS-based mobile app and NFC-enabled micro-location tracking solution provide unparalleled accuracy in employee monitoring and task completion. By combining geofencing and proximity-based triggers, we ensure your workforce operates at peak productivity, with time and activity engines optimizing every task.

Key Features of Our Precision Location Solution

Accurate Time Logging: Employees can punch in and out within a geofenced perimeter using the GPS-enabled mobile app, ensuring reliable time tracking.

Seamless Task Monitoring: Tasks are triggered and marked as complete based on GPS coordinates, giving managers a clear picture of employee activity.

Vertical Location Precision: Overcome the limitations of GPS by using NFC to identify and trigger actions when employees are within the designated micro-location range.

Proximity-Based Task Triggers: The app triggers tasks only when the employee is near the NFC tag, ensuring vertical location levels are accurately covered.

Precision Monitoring: The GPS and NFC systems feed directly into the time and activity management engines, providing real-time data on employee movements and ensuring tasks are completed within the required parameters.

Reliability of Performance: Guarantee accurate task monitoring and time management, reducing errors and optimizing workforce allocation.

Travel Tracking Solution: Our travel tracking solution automatically generates travel expenses and reimbursement slips based on GPS data.

Location-Based Bill Submission: Employees submit bills directly at their hotel or restaurant location, with geolocation data providing a reliable and accurate reimbursement record.

Real Time Location Aware Service for Precions Activity and Attendance Tracking

Mobile Access

Employees can be restricted to Mark their time punch or complete their activity in geo fence or NFC are only from Mobile Application.

Facial Verification

Facial recognition provides employee identification with every punch at that location removing proxy punch completely.

Geofencing Technology

Set up a virtual perimeter around designated areas where employees are permitted to record their punches.

Geolocation Protection

Confirm the location of every punch recorded by mobile employees. Simply click the ping icon to display the location where the punch was recorded.

Empower Workforce Performance with Geofencing & Micro-Location Tracking

Unlock the power of precision location tracking with our GPS and NFC-based solution, integrating seamlessly with your time and activity management engines. Monitor employee activity, optimize travel expenses, and ensure tasks are completed on time.

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