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Innovation in Field of facial Recognization

Unleash the power of AI with our 5th generation cognitive Assisted, augmented and Autonomous AHALTS solutions

In the conversation around the application and adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive technologies, two recurring types of solutions usually come up: AI solutions meant to work in conjunction with people to help them accomplish their tasks better, and AI solutions meant to function entirely independent of human intervention.

The sorts of solutions where AI is helping people do their jobs better is usually referred to as “augmented intelligence” solutions while those meant to operate independently as “autonomous” solutions. However, increasingly we’ve been seeing reference to the term “assisted intelligence” solutions that attempt to split the hair between different types of AI solutions that are helping people do their jobs. Is the term “assisted intelligence” meaningful and is there a way to provide a clear delineation between “augmented” and “assisted” types of intelligence solutions?

Innovation in Field of SERP

Our Patented SERP (Services Effectiveness Resources Planning ) Solution instantly analyzes and gives you a snapshot of how well your workforce are synchronized from planning, hiring, activity forecasting, scheduling , incidental delegation of activity assignments to get effective performance . This solution is helping organizations in reducing 10 -50 % direct manpower cost as soon as it is deployed and Analytics is run and you fine tune our workload balancer Workforce Tuning Index.
AHALTS devices are intelligent, Touch less biometric IOT devices that would help in time and attendance , tracking of personnel while ensuring health and safety of the people . . Our AI driven Delegation helps in cognitive activity allocation and roster analytics and rescheduling if there is variation in any planned and actual availability of personnel by real time monitoring their required work location to actual physical location, work hours against shift hours , work time to actual time , work roles and skills requirements to their actual roles and skills leading to efficient and effective workforce at all times.

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