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API driven Integrated and AI based Mobile Attendance and Human Asset Tracking Application. 

Ahalts Technology deals with the tracking your employees through our efficiently designed location-based attendance application, real time tracking features to support Geo-fencing and Real Time Geo-tracking which delivers a guaranteed productivity from your workforce.









Unified IAM for Application, Devices , Employee And Customer Identity and Access Management (IAM) is the fastest growing specialty in Identity and Access Management(IAM)that has emerged in the last few years to meet evolving business requirements especially after IIOT revolution as the future IAM has to be Device and Application ready as lots of M2M (Machine to Machine a) and A2A (Application to Application ) have started interacting to each other with Robots and Bots increasing day by day.

Employee And Customer Identity solutions

  • Provide self-registration for Employee And Customers
  • Alternatively, provide options for bulk import of Employee And Customer identities from existing systems
  • Give users consent mechanisms to control the use of their data
  • Enable Single Sign-On(SSO)across all digital properties
  • Present multiple authentications options for Employee And Customers, depending on policies, risks, and mechanisms available
  • Manage unified Employee And Customer profiles
  • Facilitate fine-grained access control to resources and data
  • Application and Device Identity solutions
  • Application can be registered for developers giving them a access to other application Resources and also give a application level access control based on licensing and user permission options
  • Device can be registered for M2M communication so that Devices can interact with users , applications etc.

        Delivery Model

  • Can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud or both
  • Scale to support millions of Employees and Consumers, peak usage scenarios, and ensure performance and availability SLAs are met.


Human Identification Technology has changed rapidly and Facial Recognition has become the most promising technology . AHALTS Human identification services use various methods like Personal Identification, Facial recognition , Finger scan , multifactor authentication like OTP etc . we have the most trusted and robust solutions that can accomplish most of the scenarios for HUman Identification.
Employee self-service portal allows employees to view and manage their HR
• Each employee has their own login information to an individual account.
• The self-service portal for employees can be a huge time saver for business.

Integrated Mobile: One App for all TipTop Applications with Managers, Supervisor and user features all in one




  • Attendance punching (Kiosk attendance/ supervisor mode and employee mode)
  • Office Tools (Bulletin/ Meetings Workspace / Tiptop Mail) Employee Self service
  • Payroll
  • Activity Management Travel and Tracking Reimbursements
  • Tracking Reverse face scan for profile search Notifications
  • Dashboard and Reports
  • Complaint Management / Tickets Monitor


  • Low cost of ownership One App for Application
  • Works as a Full suite with integrated ID-Tech AHALTS security Tracks Mobile Workforce
  • Easy Work from anywhere
  • Full suite Features for complete daily working requirement including employee self-service portal
  • Empowers workforce to stay connected 24 X 7 from any location Improves productivity and monitoring by 30%

Asset Management

Various devices like sensors, Wi-Fidevices, NFC devices, RFID devices and also actuators. Authentication using human identification, location tracking and time recording service.Human Assets presence is validated using NFC tags, Geo Fencing (Location Fetching through Mobile Applications) and Biometric Finger Scan.


AHALTS Location aware service is a effective and useful feature that uses different methods to track location enabling organizations to use the information based on their business needs like the location service can be used as a geofence for allowing/restricting access in a location zone for time attendance and security and on the other hand it is very useful for activity and field staff scheduling based on their real time location our apps and IIOT devices are inbuilt with many location tracking methods like , Geolocation, GPS, NFC, UWB, Bluetooth , wifi or location identification etc .

Time Services

Ahalts provides global Time and Network time services that allow universal time for all our aplications and devices irrespective of the location the time service can use both locat time and global time Options beside special requirement of network time if requred by some specific use case


A sensor is a device which takes some input from our physical environment and convert into some data.For example a Thermal sensor takes data from our room and convert it into some data understand by our computer devices.Our device analyse that data and respond accordingly.

We as 5th generration technology develop and use various sensor for our HR and Payroll services.


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