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About Us

TipTop Platform Pvt Ltd. and Ahalts.com is one of the leading company and complete solution provider of long range photo- electronic devices in India. With our innovation and R&D in iOT integrated solutions, TipTop Planet is able to provide a wide range of professional services and solution in mid(dle) to long range imaging projects and products for our clients and customers globally.

Ahalts.com has devoted and contributed multi-million dollars in Research & Development, mainly to improve and complete the company’s products range. More than 45% of the company’s employees are engaged in R & D, which comprises of PhD graduates, professors and senior engineers. We have obtained remarkable achievement with our patents in the field of SERP solutions.

Ahalts.com possesses full range of mid to long distance imaging cameras and photo-electronic devices, consisting of:

1. Long Range Thermal Imaging Camera
2. Long Range NIR Laser Camera
3. Long Range Multi- Sensor Optical Camera
4. Fog Penetration Camera
5. Handheld & Portable Imaging Camera
6. Heavy-Duty Multi-Spectrum Optical Platform

Ahalts.com Company Objectives:

1. Improving the quality and providing excellent services to the global market.
2. Provide lasting and meaningful value that servies the needs of our associates and mankind.
3. Continuously evolve our solutions to provide value for our clients and associates.

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